•  Creation
•  Day of Rest
•  Garden Of Eden
•  The Temptation
•  Guard At Eden's Entrance
•  Primitive Sacrifices
•  Population Of The Earth In The Early Times
•  Sons Of God
•  Daughters Of Men
•  Antediluvian Chronology
•  The Apostasy
•  Noah
•  Re-Peopling The Earth
•  Tower of Babel
•  Postdiluvian Chronology
•  Abram
•  Promised Land
•  Melchizedek
•  Ishmael
•  Covenant Of Circumcision
•  Last Days of Abraham
•  Isaac
•  Esau And Jacob
•  Joseph
•  Duration Of The Sojourn In Egypt
•  The Enslavement
•  The Exodus
•  On To Sinai
•  Encampment At Sinai
•  Events Of The Encampment
•  Proclamation Of The Law
•  Other Laws
•  Hebrew Calendar
•  Sabbath and Feasts
•  Time Given to Religion
•  Property Given to Religion
•  The Tabernacle
•  The Priesthood
•  The Worship
•  Peculiarities of the Law of Moses
•  Last Days at Sinai
•  On to Canaan
•  Moses, The Man of God
•  Conquest of Canaan
•  Reign of the Judges
•  Samuel the Prophet
•  The Hebrew Monarchy
•  Revolt
•  Kingdom of Israel
•  Kingdom of Judah
•  The Babylonish Captivity
•  John the Baptist
•  Jesus of Nazareth
•  The Law of Moses
•  The Twelve Apostles
•  The Kingdom or Church of Christ
•  Saul of Tarsus


John the Baptist

  • Predictions Concerning Him. Isaiah and Malachi predicted that a "Voice" should precede the Messiah, and their predictions were Fulfilled in John (Isaiah 40:1-8; Malachi 3:1-4; Malachi 5:5,6; Matthew 3:1-3).

  • Condition of Israel at His Birth. At the birth of John, Israel Was subject to a foreign power (Luke 1:5-13).

  • Parentage. His parents were Zacharias and Elizabeth. His father Was a priest of the course of Abia, and he was born in fulfillment of The prediction of the angel of God (Luke 1:5-25,57-79).

  • Early Life. Nothing is known of the early life of John save that He dwelt in deserts until the beginning of his ministry (Luke 1:80).

  • His Mission. John was sent from God (John 1:6) to the descendants of Abraham only (Matthew 3:1-9); and he baptized many of them in the river Jordan on the confession of their sins (Mark 1:6).

  • Introduction of Jesus. He baptized Jesus in the river Jordan (Matthew 3:13-17), and afterwards introduced him to the people (John 1:29-37).

  • Peculiarities of His Ministry. The work of John was,
    • temporary (Matthew 3:1-3);
    • it was designed to reform the Jews by bringing them back to the law from which they had departed (Malachi 3:1-17; Malachi 3:4-18; Luke 1:17; Galatians 3:23,24);
    • it was restricted to the Jews (Matthew 3:4-9; Acts 13:26);
    • he decreased as Jesus increased (John 3:25-30);
    • his light shone but for a season (John 5:33-35).

  • His Doubts. John was cast into prison, and upon hearing the Works of Jesus, he sent to inquire of Him if He were really the Christ. Jesus sent him word that the blind received their sight, the lame Walked, the lepers were cleansed, the deaf heard, the dead were raised Up, the poor heard the gospel, and pronounced a benediction upon His friends (Matthew 11:1-6).

  • Testimony of Jesus Concerning Him. Jesus declared that no Greater man than John had been born of woman, yet He assured His Disciples that the most insignificant in his kingdom would be greater Than he (Matthew 11:6-15).

  • Imprisonment and Death. John rebuked Herod for an adulterous Marriage, and as a consequence he was imprisoned and finally beheaded (Matthew 14:1-12).

  • His Times and Work. John lived and died under the law of Moses. During his life the temple service was carried on as it had been from Of old. The great design of his work was to prepare the people, to Whose fathers He had been promised, for the reception of the Lord.

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